Famous Faces of Inspiration

Frances Hesselbein.  Leader to Leader Institute

When I was an Organizational Leadership and Management Student at Regent University it was not uncommon for us to be introduced to leaders, both old and new, that had contributed in some way to a modern method of management. However, it was not until I learned of Frances Hesselbein that I became truly impressed. Frances exhibited, in my opinion, what the true definition of leadership is. She was a servant of others. She understood that in order to be a better leader you had to be a better person. She knew that leading was not about giving directives or having things your way…it was about doing things in such a way that it provided growth and enriched the lives of all those involved. I grow but helping you grow.

When Frances Hesselbein was a young woman and the mother of a son she was asked to lead a girl scout troop. She had no reason to lead this troop…she had no daughters and so no true obligations to this organization but she did it regardless. In reaching out to this organization she grew in her understanding of the Girl Scouts and also grew in her understanding as to what the organization needed to survive and thrive. In her wisdom and dedication to this organization she waited for the right opportunity to present itself before she made suggestions of change that would forever be known as the catalyst for the Girl Scout of the United States of America. Her ideals of leadership consist of love, service, diversity and inspiration. She continutes to be a great source of wisdom for non-profit organizations working to build its reputation and missions. It is in this way that she has been an inspiration to me. She was the one who sparked my love for Organizational Development and Marketing.

Thank you Frances Hesselbein for being an inspiration and a light in the world of business!

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  1. the proper name of the organization is the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA), not “Girl Scouts of America.”

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